The Story of JLD Haus

The concept behind JLD Haus is to give emerging designers a platform from which to exhibit and market their work. I wanted to give new designers the opportunity of getting their name out there using the framework of Jo Luping Design.

This is the first collection by artist/designer Jasmin van Lith for JLD Haus. Jasmin was given the design brief of developing a series based on New Zealand insects and to incorporate her own natural environment. I love Jasmin’s use of line and her interpretation of the project. I am pleased to offer this selection of works to you and hope you enjoy them.

Designer Biography

Jasmin van Lith has always been intrigued by the processes involved in the creation of artwork. She spent time in Germany learning porcelain slip casting techniques and carpentry. Upon returning to New Zealand she explored the art of raranga, flax weaving, and expanded these skills to costume work for Weta Workshop. Here she learnt how to work with a variety of materials from leather to latex. Drawing has always been a passion, along with painting and photography.

“I feel it is important to balance creative impulse with the technical skills to achieve a high standard of finished work.”

Jasmin van Lith

Jasmin Van Lith Insect Collection for JLD Haus

”The idea of New Zealand as a land of birds and insects seems distant in this day and age, but is a concept I find enchanting. Isolated by a wide expanse of ocean, many of our species developed close ties with our local flora. The early European settlers who journeyed here were anxious to catalogue our unique natural environment, and these drawings are based on the style of those early pictures.”

Jasmin van Lith

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Butterfly Line Drawing 50 Square Ceramic Art Tile

Cicada Line Drawing 50 Square Ceramic Art Tile

Moth (Puriri) Line Drawing 50 Square Ceramic Art Tile

Butterfly Medium Ceramic Bowl

Cicada Medium Ceramic Bowl

Moth (Puriri) Medium Ceramic Bowl


Ceramic Jewellery Butterfly Pendant

Ceramic Jewellery Butterfly Earrings

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