Ceramic Bowls

This collection of ceramic bowls feature line drawings. Drawing is how I interpret and transform the environment into works of art. Each ceramic bowl is lovingly handcrafted in our studio using the finest quality stoneware clay and glazed with a food safe glaze so you can gain pleasure from both form and function. Things you can put into your bowl include, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, olive tapenade or for something a little different try floating a tealight in water for a romantic candlelit dinner.

Sanctuary Collection

Protecting endangered species through sanctuaries has been the theme for this years designs of the tui, fantail and white heron or kotuku.

Tui: I live close to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary which has created a safe haven for birds and it seems that my garden is filled with tuis and fantails as the bird population has moved in to the urban environment.

Fantail or Piwakaka: The grey fantail is very common in Australia and New Zealand. As it occurs on either side of the Tasman it has come to symbolise the link between New Zealand and Australia. It is also known by its Maori name Piwakawaka and is one of the forest birds that hold a significant position in Maori mythology.

White Heron or Kotuku: I spent time photographing the kotuku population in the Okarito Sanctuary in South Westland. It is protected in both New Zealand and Australia after nearly becoming extinct due to the popularity of its feathers for womens hats and is a symbol of everything rare and beautiful according to Maori oratory and a symbol of purity for the Chinese.

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Tui Medium Bowl

Fantail Medium Bowl

White Heron (Kotuku) Medium Bowl

Flowers Collection

I drew the Manuka flower to tell the story about the plight of the bumble bee. Extinct bumble bee = no cross pollination = no plants.

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Manuka: The manuka or tea tree is native to New Zealand and Southeast Australia. It got its name Tea Tree from Captain Cook who used the leaves to make tea.

Kanuka: The Kanuka is often mistaken for manuka. Some of the differences are that the flowers are about a third of the size, they occur in clusters and the shrubs can grow into twenty metre trees. I drew these flowers on Kapiti Island Reserve in a grove swarming with bees.

Blossom: The blossom design was photographed at Heide Museum, commonly known as the birthplace of Australian Modernism. The design is influenced by my love for Japanese woodcuts and the almond blossom paintings by Van Gogh. It is a fusion of both Eastern and Western art.

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Manuka Medium Bowl

Kanuka Medium Bowl

Blossom Medium Bowl

Vesch Collection

“Vesch” is a Russian word that means “a thing with a soul”. Since its invention, photography has become the principle means of working the enchanting transformation when a mere object becomes a thing with a soul.

From “Things: A Spectrum of Photography 1850-2007”.

The designs for the tiles come from drawings of photograms, a form of photography, which have then been screenprinted onto the ceramic tiles. The delicate line drawings of plant life continue the theme of bringing stories of the natural environment into each design.

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Cabbage Tree Medium Bowl

Flax Seed Medium Bowl

Kowhai Medium Bowl

Jasmin van Lith Insect Collection for JLD Haus

”The idea of New Zealand as a land of birds and insects seems distant in this day and age, but is a concept I find enchanting. Isolated by a wide expanse of ocean, many of our species developed close ties with our local flora. The early European settlers who journeyed here were anxious to catalogue our unique natural environment, and these drawings are based on the style of those early pictures.”

Jasmin van Lith

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Cicada Medium Bowl

Butterfly Medium Bowl

Moth (Puriri) Medium Bowl

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