Our Story

Jo Luping Design started as many small cottage businesses start, in the garage. I had spent some time after art school travelling through Europe when I came upon Gaudi’s Parc Guell. And so began my obsession with glazes and the rich deep colours that you can achieve from this medium. I returned to New Zealand and began in 1994 to develop my first series of ceramic art tiles.

I believe it is important to collaborate with like minded people and so have surrounded myself with a team who have a passion for beautiful and well crafted objects of art. We have a complete distaste for the throwaway object and the inbuilt obsolescent mind set. We make pieces that will survive the test of time, pieces that you can pass on to your children, collectible works of art. We believe that great design is timeless. Like great music, it transcends location and cultural boundaries. Great design defies categorisation but is accessible and engaging. It draws people in and teaches them to be discerning. Great design is intelligent, innovative and alluring.

Jo Luping Design produces art pieces such as ceramics, jewellery and prints. Our pieces possess unique, endearing characteristics. They are dramatic and intelligent and reflect the natural environment that we live in. Inspiration is drawn from the land and sea. They owe as much of this to their country of origin, New Zealand, as they do to the quality of the artists. New Zealand is a one-off, an original. It is a physical paradise; small but spacious; of the mainstream, but on the edge. With a history of independent, innovative thought. It is a society that is open, welcoming and inclusive.

These are qualities that have been incorporated into our studio environment that is based on family. It is supportive and collaborative, but at the same time it has well-established exacting standards. We want people to see in our pieces things that we believe in – the importance of sustainability; fairness and openness; the way heart and mind play a part in everything we do.

In 2009 Jo Luping Design created an off shoot, JLD HAUS. The concept behind JLD HAUS is to give emerging designers a platform from which to exhibit and market their work. I wanted to give new designers the opportunity of getting their name out there using the framework of Jo Luping Design. The first collection of work will be launched at Te Papa Museum Store in July 2009.

Behind the scenes

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