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ponga green & grey

ponga green & grey

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Ponga Green & Grey Ecofelt Shoulder Totes

This ecofelt tote is made from recycled plastic bottles and features a drawing of an unfurling fern frond or Ponga in Maori. It symbolises strength, growth and new beginnings.

Technical information:

Shoulder Totes are made from 2 layers of felt to create a sturdy 6mm thickness, finished with top stitching. The inside of each tote is a vibrant colour, complimenting the screenprinted design on the outside.
The inside of the tote has a magnetic dome closure and 2 free-hanging pockets.
Totes measure 430mm wide x 390mm deep and come collapsed flat with a swing tag.
Totes open with a flat base measuring 260mm x 180mm which makes it a sturdy free-standing bag with shoulder handles.
The swing tag has information on Jo Luping, the design and the manufacturing process of ecofelt.