Jo Luping Design

Jo Luping Design started as many small cottage businesses start, in the garage. “I had spent some time after art school travelling through Europe when I came upon Gaudi’s Parc Guell. And so began my obsession with glazes and the rich deep colours that you can achieve from this medium. I returned to New Zealand, opened a studio and began in 1994 to develop my first series of ceramic art tiles. Since then I have grown to work in a wide range of mediums ranging from ceramics, to textiles, to precious metals and now to upcycled plastic and glass waste.

I believe it is important to collaborate with like-minded people and so was thrilled to have met Helen Harvey from Live Wires. Helen and her amazing team have allowed me to focus on what I am passionate about, dreaming up new designs and creating them.” – Jo Luping, Creative Director - Jo Luping Design

Jo Luping Design and Live Wires have worked together since 2014 to create and distribute ground breaking, ethically sourced, sustainable products to the New Zealand market and now we bring them to the world.

I knew about Jo’s talent in the very early days of Live Wires 33 years ago, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the stars aligned and we joined forces, Jo the designing arm and Live Wires distribution.

This has been not only successful and profitable, but a great deal of fun. New products, new ways of distributing those products and now the opportunity to take these products to the world.

This is how collaborations should be, transparent and exciting and long may this collaboration last!” – Helen Harvey, Managing Director - Live Wires