ecofelt collections

I have been designing for the past 23 years and my main focus has been to tell environmental messages through my product lines. With the development of innovative materials, there has been an assortment of recycled fabrics that I am excited to use in my designs.

I have made the ecofelt range out of recycled plastic bottles. Given the massive excess of plastic pollution on our planet it is extremely timely that these materials have been developed.

Use an ecofelt growbag to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Place earth inside and plant your plants directly into the growbag, then place on top of the saucer. It is actually better for your plants than the conventional clay or plastic containers as felt allows roots to breathe, retains water and will allow for a gradual release of water. Essentially ecofelt bags are awesome because they are durable, washable, re-useable and eco-friendly.

The growbags come with a plant fibre saucer. The saucers are 100% biodegradable and have been made with recycled bamboo fibre.

They are food safe, non-toxic, non-fragile and waterproof.

Jo Luping